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Tutorial - Paper Bag. glitter-graphics.com. Hi to all visitors . Today I'm gonna share with you another tutorial on how to make a very simple paper bag.Paper bags for everyday use can be done with simple brown paper. I've used chart paper for this tutorial, to replicate the bag I made for last year's environment day campaign.DIY Origami Paper Bag Tutorial. Materials & Tools: - 1/2 Origami Paper (15cm x 7.5cm). - Ruler. - Double Tape. - Glue. Tutorial Video...Paper bags are environment-friendly, reusable, and if we may add, extremely cute to look at. Therefore, we're including an easy tutorial which will help you make a lovely paper bag in the...Aug 16, 2019 - Explore Marion Farley's board "Tutorial paper Bags", followed by 152 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Paper crafts, Crafts, Box template.

How to make a Paper Bag • Art Platter

How to make paper bag at home , paper bag , paper shopping bag, paper art and craft ideas Hand Made Paper Gift Bag For Your Best Friend - How To Make Gift Bag Full Tutorial Subscribe to my...Paper Bag Tutorial. Precious Remembrance Shop Stamps. 1803 536.4K. Paper-Cut Letter Tutorial With The Cricut Maker.See more ideas about paper box, paper crafts, paper box tutorial. I found a great tutorial by Silvey Shim on how to make a mini bag using a 11" x 8 1/2" piece of cardstock.Waterfall paper bag album tutorial. Called a waterfall because of the way the pages cascade and Paper bag calendar. A tutorial to make a yearly calendar that will stand on its own. It is made with 12...

How to make a Paper Bag • Art Platter

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The tutorial I used can be found over here at Lovely Crafty Home. She did a great job and it is full of I did the paper bag thing on my bathroom walls, and it worked fine. I used wallpaper paste to adhere...Paper Bag Art Journal. For more tutorials please visit my website OlgaFurmanArt.com Thank you! The Lucky Bag Tutorial Make a 13 pocket TN insert out of 1 paper bag from a dollar store pack!Paper Bag Origami. Paper bags are widely used for carrying gift items, dresses and others. These could be simple or decorated and vary in sizes. Infact, plastic bags are now replaced by paper bags.And I have tons of beautiful wrapping paper, while beautiful gift bags enau't that easy to come by. So, for those of you that did not have the luck of seeing the video, I am going to share the tutorial with you.Make a paper bag for your special person by yourself. :)I hope this video tutorial may help you get a asal in making a paper bag.I hope you will enjoy...

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Scrapbook Paper Gift Bag Tutorial

Make all your gifts look unique and pretty with this easy scrapbook paper gift bag tutorial!

I am a fan of gift bags. (Is that a weird thing to say?) I just love how easy it is to make a gift look presentable, just by placing it inside a bag and throwing some tissue paper in it. Wrapping presents is just not for me!

Also, I love to make everything myself. Of course, you can buy some beautiful gift bags in any store, but I like to believe that if I make it, then the gift will be even more special. And since I always have some scrapbook paper lying around, I decided to make a gift bag tutorial with scrapbook paper.

It’s easy, it doesn’t take a long time to make, and the results are so cute!

 Gift Bag Tutorial 

What you need:

1 Sheet – 12×12 Scrapbook Paper Tape / Glue Scissors Punch-hole (optional) Ribbon / Jute cord Step by Step

[Before we pembukaan, remember to take into consideration how big and how heavy you gift will be. If you need a bigger and stronger bag, you could use wrapping paper with this same technique.]

1. Place your scrapbook paper with the side you want on the outside of the bag facing down.

2. Fold one side of the paper to the center, and then fold the opposite side of the paper overlapping the first fold. Tape or glue them together. If you choose glue, wait until it dries to continue. This will be the back of the bag.

3. To make the bottom of the bag, fold the bottom upwards to about 1/4 of the size of the paper.

4. Unfold, open up the fold, and flatten it so that it forms a triangle on both sides.

5. Fold the bottom flap upwards right to the line, and the tertinggi flap downwards, overlapping the bottom flap. Tape or glue the flaps in place. You might have to add tape or glue from the inside to secure it once you open the bag.

6. Now that the bottom of the bag is done, fold both sides of the bag to create a crease, lining them with the bottom corners.

7. Carefully, open up the bag and reverse the creases on the sides so that they fold inwards.

8. *Optional* If the bag looks too tall for your gift, you can cut the teratas down to the height you prefer. Mine looked tall and funny, so I decided to cut it.


9. For the handles, measure your ribbon or jute cord to the length you prefer, and cut two pieces of that same length. (Leave about half an inch more on each end if you will be using the first method to attach the handles.)

10. Punch two holes on each side of the bag and pull your ribbon or jute cord through it and make a knot on both sides. Cut any excess. The second method to attach the handles is to just glue or tape the ribbon or cord to the inside of the bag.

Add details!

That’s it for the gift bag tutorial! Now it’s all about adding details. Place some cute tissue paper on the inside, and maybe add a gift tag too, like these free printable gift tags!

Look how pretty it looks!

Here’s one of our free printable gift tags! ♥

I decided to make a second bag with what I cut from the ternama of the first bag. This one ended up being a little too thin, but with the right size gift it would still work. Also, I made the handles for this bag with the second option, which was to tape or glue the cord from the inside. I like how this second method makes the handles stay up!

Here are some other gift making ideas you might like.

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