Oyster Bay, New York

New York is not only major talks of the town because of its notable people like the former US President Theodore Roosevelt and famous Hollywood celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr., but also because of its breathtaking beautiful places like the Oyster Bay Town where you can found the famous Sagamore Hill National Historic Site. This Bay is also the home to the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club which is said to be one of the oldest yacht clubs in the whole Western Hemisphere and was opened way back in 1871. There are 40 buildings and famous sites in this town which are presently named the Town of Oyster Bay Landmarks.

This town is located on the easternmost part of the three towns of Nassau County, New York, in the United States, with the Suffolk County located immediately to the east part. It is the only town in Nassau County which is a part of the New York metropolitan area that extends its way from the North Shore down to the South Shores of the Long Island, which is south to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and South Oyster Bay.

The Oyster Bay town is bordered by the town of North Hempstead which is on northwest as well as of the town of Hempstead located on the southwest. Based on the United States Census Bureau, this town has a total area of 169.5 square miles of which 104.4 square miles is the land and 65.1 square miles is water which is 38.42 % of the total area of this specific town.

This town has so much to offer when it comes to its natural resources because it has the most part of the Long Island. The north shore in this place is hilly, the south shore has a perfect sandy beach, and the area or place between is a flat area or a plain. With these shores, some tourists can enjoy hiking, swimming and sunbathing that will be a great adventure experience to all.

The town has exchanged territories with the towns Hempstead, which is the Nassau County, and the Babylon, or the Suffolk County, between the 1990 Census and 2000 census. Oyster Bay has also gained territories from the Huntington Town in the Suffolk County.

The town of Oyster Bay has 18 villages and 18 hamlets and the U.S. Postal Service has ended up in organizing them, these 36 places, into 30 different five-digit ZIP codes that are served by 20 post offices. These post offices have the same name as a village or hamlet but their boundaries sometimes correlate.

Within the town of Oyster Bay, there is a hamlet on the north shore that’s also named Oyster Bay. In the village of Cove Neck, near this hamlet, is the Sagamore Hill which is the residence of Theodore Roosevelt as well as his White House during summer. Sagamore Hill is now a museum and is a famous tourist destination in Oyster Bay. Almost 36 villages and hamlets of this town have their own shores on the Oyster Bay Harbor which is an inlet of the Long Island Sound.

The main transportation in the Oyster Bay is the Long Island Rail Road Oyster Bay Branch which is serving successfully the town’s vicinity. The town’s government body is made up mainly of a town supervisor and a six members of the town council. Because there are no election districts in the town, the council members, clerk and the receiver of taxes are officially elected on a town-wide basis.

The famous universities where most of the people in the Oyster Bay are studying are the Farmingdale State College, State University of New York at Old Westbury and New York Institute of Technology which is both located in Old Westbury, and the largest campus in the Private Long Island University system is the LIU Post which is located in Brookville.

Aside from the Sagamore Hill, there are other places in Oyster Bay that can be a great place that you should not miss such as the EARLE-WIGHTMAN HOUSE and the NORTHROP GRUMMAN HISTORY CENTER that offers not only relaxation and amazement, but also a place where you can reminisce the history of this town.

The EARLE-WIGHTMAN HOUSE can be found in the 20 Summit Street, Oyster Bay which is named after the 2 Baptist ministers who have made this home during the early 19th century. This house is a circa 1720 Building that was restored and was maintained regularly by the town of Oyster Bay. This specific house houses a collection of the Town memorabilia, a bookstore that features the books regarding the Oyster Bay rich history and other special periodic exhibits and lectures. The newly renovated rooms perfectly illustrate the life of the 18th century tradesman and his entire family.

The NORTHROP GRUMMAN HISTORY CENTER, which is located in 600 Grumman Road West and South Oyster Bay Road, Bethpage, is strongly dedicated and determined to preserve the history of the Grumman Corporation. This corporation is a pioneer in the aviation and space history during the year of 1929 and up to 1994. The Grumman Corporation is critical part of the success of the US military actions with the invention and construction of the best planes such as the Wildcat, Tigercat, Avenger and Mohawk and many more. It has also played an important role in the nationwide efforts to reach the moon as the prime contractor of the first spacecraft that landed on the moon which is the Lunar Module.

The NORTHROP GRUMMAN HISTORY CENTER is staffed by some retired employees of Grumman and this is a repository for the documents, models, posters, photos and other important matters that has shed light on the important events in the nation’s history.

The oysters, where this town is named from, are now the only and major source of the traditionally farmed oysters from the Long Island, which provides up the large numbers of oysters in the market up to 90% of all the delicious oysters that are harvested in the New York State. The Oyster Bay in New York is one of the best places there that you must not miss when you get there.